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Custom Retail POP Display Rack Manufacturer

Display your merchandise on counters and store floors with our uniquely designed, custom-produced POP displays and make your merchandise a big seller.

Why Choose Us for Custom Paper Display Rack Supplier?

Professional Team

Having an experienced team at your service makes for an easy, enjoyable and reassuring ordering experience.

Good Quality

Strict quality control, we are always responsible for the quality of our customers.

Timely Delivery

We understand the significance of timelines. Our efficient production processes and global logistics ensure your packaging arrives promptly.

Competitive Pricing

The excellent production operations, high productivity, low waste, reasonable cost control, consistently provide the most competitive prices for customers.


We are dedicated to sustainability. All materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Exceptional Service

We believe in building enduring relationships through exceptional customer service. Provide top pre-sales response and after-sales service.

Custom retail POP display, cardboard display stand ,supply floor display rack manufacturer

SIRI Packaging has 20 years of experience in manufacturing paper  packaging, and has been supplying  POP cardboard  display stand、retail promotion display、 display rack、 floor display shelf for a long time. Combine creative advertising with shelf perfection to make your products sell hot.
Unique design, reasonable utilization and precise size are what structural designers need to have when designing corrugated display shelf. We have experienced structural designers who can easily realize your cardboard display shelf customization service. No matter what your order quantity is, it can be customized.

Advantages of cardboard display stands

  • Can print graphics, display selling points, is an excellent advertising carrier.
  • Foldable, space-saving, light weight, save transportation cost, easy to assemble, with high economic value.
  • Wide range of application, suitable for most products, such as food display promotion, stationery display sales, toy display sales, cosmetics display promotion, and other household products promotion.
  • Applicable scenes are diverse, cardboard POP display stand can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, department stores, exhibitions and any other places, the promotional effect is amazing.
  • The main material of cardboard display stand is white board paper and corrugated cardboard, which is strong and durable, very friendly to the environment and recyclable.

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