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We have a professional and experienced team to make amazing boxes for you. Through the influence of packaging, consumers will fall in love with your products and make your products sell hot.

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Why Choose Us for Custom Food Packaging Boxes Supplier?

Professional Team

Having an experienced team at your service makes for an easy, enjoyable and reassuring ordering experience.

Good Quality

Strict quality control, we are always responsible for the quality of our customers.

Timely Delivery

We understand the significance of timelines. Our efficient production processes and global logistics ensure your packaging arrives promptly.

Competitive Pricing

The excellent production operations, high productivity, low waste, reasonable cost control, consistently provide the most competitive prices for customers.


We are dedicated to sustainability. All materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Exceptional Service

We believe in building enduring relationships through exceptional customer service. Provide top pre-sales response and after-sales service.

Custom Food Packaging Box Manufacturer

Crispy cookies, sweet chocolates, mellow wines, all of these make people endless aftertaste . Tasty food needs a beautiful outer package. The beauty of color and graphics printed on the product packaging makes it more attractive to the audience, Surprise our consumers and make them remember our brand.

An outstanding packaging has obvious promotional effects, producing wholesale quality food packaging boxes and bringing more economic benefits to your goods, which is the business we have been running. We produce packaging boxes, including corrugated boxes, kraft paper boxes, printed color boxes, rigid boxes, all with exquisite printing, fine workmanship, luxury and high-grade features. The products are 100% inspected to ensure quality.

Advantages of custom food packaging box

  • Consumers can quickly understand our products through the information on the product packaging. For example, when making chocolate packaging design, unique packaging features are given according to different flavors. Bar graphics of different sizes, complete and clear information introduction, including the type of chocolate, types, baking process, the source of cocoa beans, and ratios, can be reflected on the packaging.
  • Custom food packaging, usually, is designed in various styles to attract consumers according to the characteristics of the product. We can design it in the shape of children’s favorite car, or in the shape of a delicious burger that people can’t wait to take a bite out of. All the visual output elements are to present attractive graphics with well-designed messages to the consumers.
  • Portable food packaging boxes bring a lot of convenience to our lives. We have to consider the packaging of the product for transportation, but also for storage and easy to carry when we are out and about. Meeting people’s living habits is an important deciding factor when we design packaging.
  • It is really difficult to choose the desired products from the wide range of shelves, so merchants have printed the selling points on the packaging. Packaging with” wow “factor does not require salesmen to introduce the product too much.
  • Each brand has its own cultural connotation and the packaging of the product is an important way of communication. When people taste a wine, in addition to the stimulation of the tastebuds, more fascinated by the brand story behind him. A wine box, there are usually a variety of ways to present, such as a flip-top book-shaped box, giving people a pleasant sense of opening experience, and corrugated paper made of portable boxes, wine in which more like a collection. All presentations will be customized according to the brand culture to create a unique brand packaging.

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