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Packaging Solutions For Electronic Products

Most of the electronic products are made up of precision electronic devices, they cannot be dropped or bumped, moisture, static electricity, extrusion may lead to damage to the product in the process of transportation, in the design of electronic products packaging box, not only requires a beautiful atmosphere, but also to ensure that the contents of the product will not be affected by external factors.
People’s appreciation of the vision is constantly changing, for electronic products, more hope is high-tech sense, intelligent, simple and applicable, fully functional.
In addition to a luxurious appearance, a good unboxing experience, is also the pursuit of many consumers. For example, some cell phone boxes bring us a 3S quick opening experience, we hold the top cover of the box, the bottom cover will automatically slide down and 3S automatically open. Of course, each box to do 3S open, which is a great test of the precision of the production process, the strict specification of material performance, manual operation of a high degree of uniformity, because the size of the upper and lower boxes, the thickness of the gray plate and fabric paper, the process of lamination, all of which affect the effect of 3 seconds to open.

Advantages of custom electronic packaging box

  • A packaging with brand LOGO, designed according to the characteristics of the product, can quickly make consumers remember.
  • Most of the electronic products can not be displayed directly, consumers are often through the shelves placed out of the product packaging pictures to understand the product, with the power of publicity packaging is the best means of promotion.
  • Different products will choose different materials, such as cell phone packaging, headphone packaging, electronic toy packaging, smart device packaging, etc., their functional characteristics are different, will be based on the product performance to choose the packaging materials to produce packaging containers, while choosing the appropriate subsidiary packaging materials to wrap the product to play a better protective role.
  • Product packaging updates iterations, also means that the brand upgrade, when should change the packaging, depending on the product life cycle. Many brands choose the product decline stage for packaging upgrade, so as to extend the smooth period of the product, there are also some lucky products, the brand will enter another growth period after the packaging upgrade. Those brands with high premium capacity, often the longer the same style is used, the higher the brand value, the more meaningful the packaging image to the brand’s value.

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