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Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are truly high-grade packaging boxes, which not only have packaging value, but also art appreciation value. A distinctive box can also be used as a home decoration and can be used as a collection. It is highly customizable and can incorporate your brand characteristics and brand culture into the box. A packaging with soul helps create your product into a luxury item.


Rigid boxes with complex processes,although many machines and equipment have been developed to produce handmade boxes, most of the processes still have to be done by hand.

The box structure is not limited, basically, you can think of the box shape, can be made by hand, of course, according to the complexity of the box structure, the cost varies.

Robotic production line

The following are some of the more common rigid boxes


 The material of the rigid box is diverse, the box body is made of cardboard, and the thickness varies according to the box type and size, commonly used thickness is 250 GSM-1800 GSM. the box laminated material can have printing paper、art paper、texture paper、 leather、 velvet、fabric、etc.

Surface Material

 The fabric selections are infinite, which can be selected according to the customer’s preference and brand positioning.

Cardboard / Greyboard

Grayboard is only used to make the box structure, to fix the box shape, its surface also needs to be laminated with decorative materials, such as color printing paper, art paper, etc.


Folding Box

one-piece folding box is easy to store and transport, efficient logistics, greatly reducing the cost of storage and transportation; good recycling, folding can be reused; creative packaging, folding function, with different visual experience, enhance brand image.

Top & Bottom Box

The top & bottom box is a box with lid and base, the two can be separated, the thickness of the cardboard of the box body varies from 600-1800gsm, the forming process can be produced mechanically, it is a relatively simple and common box type.

Drawer Box

The drawer box has an outer box and an inner box, usually with a handle on the inner box, which opens like a drawer. The humanized design and smooth lines make people very comfortable and enhance the ornamental value of the product.

Book Style Box

As the name implies, it is like a box in the shape of a book. It is designed according to the shape of the book. It has the characteristics of exquisite packaging and full personalization. It integrates the usage habits of buttoning and turning books into box design, which is a box type that can skillfully combine art and packaging technology

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