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Paperboard box

Paperboard box, it is ubiquitous, because it is simple process, and  low cost, yet can express your product very clearly, It is the most basic way of packaging goods.

Suitable for industry

Paperboard box has no industry limitation, most commonly used in electronics, cosmetics, food, hardware and some other small and light products packaging.

Paperboard box process

  • Printing, the most commonly used is offset printing
  • After printing, do surface effects, such as coating, lamination, hot stamping, spot UV
  • Die-cutting, cut out the box we need with a die
  • Sticky, apply glue to sticky box shape, most cases are machine sticky
  • Packaging, the paperboard box is usually foldable, the boxes are stacked neatly and then put together in a shipping box

The materials of paperboard boxes

  • White single-sided coated cardboard, one side light and one side matte, light side can be printed, the most commonly used material
  • White double-sided coated cardboard, both sides are smooth, can do double-sided printing, is also a common material
  • There are also kraft paperboard, black kraft paperboard, white kraft paperboard, the printing effect is worse. Not suitable for large area color printing.
  • Gold card, silver card: single-sided with a metallic luster, can be printed
  • With textured surface, tiny textured can be printed, but the effect is not good

Commonly used grammage

230gsm (thickness 0.28mm)
250gsm (thickness 0.3mm)
300gsm (thickness 0.4mm)
350gsm(thickness 0.5mm)
400gsm (thickness 0.6mm)

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