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Spot Gloss UV

Spot gloss UV is a spot varnishing coating for the parts of the logo and packaging print that need to be highlighted.
UV varnish with high brightness, transparency and abrasion resistance is used for selective varnishing of printed graphics. While highlighting the theme of the layout, it also improves the decorative effect of the printed surface.
The varnished pattern looks bright, shiny and three-dimensional compared with the surrounding patterns, which can produce unique artistic effects. It is a very common process.Our customers usually use spot UV brand logo when designing their packaging, the effect of this logo is very conspicuous and high-grade

In addition to spot varnishing, sometimes also used spot matting, spot frosting, spot colorful spot refractive, spot wrinkles and spot ice flowers, etc.

Chocolate packaging gift box

This is a high-grade chocolate box, the lid leaves using spot UV technology to increase the sense of three-dimensional highlight the artistic effect

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