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Silk Screen Print

Photochemical plate making method. The screen taut on the frame, then coated with photopolymer on the network, forming a photographic plate film, and then the sun map base plate close together on the plate film sun, by exposure, development, printing plate on the non-graphic part of the light to form a cured plate film, the mesh hole sealed, printing impervious to ink; printing plate on the graphic part of the mesh is not closed, printing ink through, forming ink on the substrate.

When printing on the screen printing plate poured into the ink, the ink in the absence of external force will not leak through the mesh hole in the substrate, when the squeegee with a certain tilt angle and pressure to scrape the ink, the ink through the screen plate transferred to the substrate under the screen, so as to achieve image reproduction.

Not limited by the size and shape of the substrate, general printing, only on a flat surface, while screen printing can not only be printed on a flat surface can also be printed on special shapes of molding objects such as spherical surfaces, there are shapes of things can be screen printed to carry out. Therefore, when our users have special requirements, for example, a box has been made and they want to add a logo to the box, they can use screen printing to achieve it.

For rigid boxes made with art paper that need to be printed with a logo or simple graphic, there is a method other than foil stamping, which is screen printing. And, it is possible to modulate the desired color, not limited by the color of the foil paper.
The ink layer is thick and can make pure white printing on all black paper with strong three-dimensional feeling.

Silk Screen Print
Silk Screen

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