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     The term “custom” originated on Savile Row and means tailoring for individual clients. Savile Row is a shopping district in Mayfair, central London, famous for its traditional bespoke tailoring industry for men. With the development of the times, the meaning of the word “custom” has gradually been enriched, such as custom clothing, gifts, and even custom skin color, custom vegetables, etc., catering to the pursuit of quality and individuality of people’s psychology, custom is the real personalized consumption. The United States predicted that the “top ten technologies that will change the future”, “personalized” is ranked first, and its market position is increasingly recognized. In order to make products unique, SIRI packaging’s main business is to customize product packaging to meet the market and consumer needs.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is to respond to the ever-changing market, and more importantly, to meet your budget and make your business more financially viable.
Of course, good design, whether in the process of production, use, saving resources, reducing all kinds of tangible or intangible pollution, is good for the earth, our home, we are always working on!

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A perfect design, we need to do a lot of


Our first task is to understand your needs, your goals, your budget, and the problems you’re having. We also need to collaborate with your creative resources, such as your graphic design. Together we will work collaboratively to produce the best packaging solution.


Appearance is the first glimpse of the product. A popular product in the market should capture the current trend, and SIRI Packaging works with packaging industry exhibitions around the world every year to be able to understand more timely changes in fashion.

The core of the packaging is to accommodate the product, the use of security which is the primary consideration, how to safely and stably fix the product, so that the product will not be damaged in transit, our designers have very rich experience, this does not need to worry at all.


There are many materials involved in packaging, and each material has its own characteristics, such as some paper is easy to roll, some paper is easy to stretch, some cardboard is easy to break, etc. These will be taken into account in the design, and will match different designs according to different materials. In addition, the difficulty of the box structure is related to the cost of production, as well as the production process, when customers need to design shaped structure box shape, we will also make a clarification with customers, so that customers understand in advance.

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