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Folding Box

It is a common style on supermarket shelves and is the basic packaging for products, used to print your logo, selling points, and product information, etc. It is suitable for almost all industries.
By working with SIRI Packaging, you can make your customization process easier and faster, because we have an experienced team working for you.

What can SIRI Packaging do for you?

  • We have flexible production operations that can reduce costs without compromising product quality, and prices that are 10% lower than the industry.
  • Excellent pre-sales and after-sales teams that can immediately answer your questions and respond quickly to your needs, and we will provide you with 100% after-sales service.
  • One-stop paper packaging supply capability, our products include all paper packaging products, including, POP paper display stands, packaging boxes, stickers. Can help you save labor and shipping cost.

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