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UV Print

UV printing is a printing process that dries and cures ink through ultraviolet light, requiring ink containing photosensitizers to be matched with UV curing lamps to allow the ink to dry quickly. UV printing has clear dots, bright and vivid ink colors, and high printing consistency. At the same time, because the UV curing process is a photochemical reaction process, so both the ink layer or varnish layer, have strong adhesion, durability, as well as water resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, anti-aging and other advantages.

UV printing can be printed in addition to paper can also be printed on glass, metal, leather, etc. For some special materials of paper, is also the need for UV printing. Now, there are more and more Exquisite packaging using UV printing technology.

The whole curing system of UV ink is a solvent-free system, i.e. 100% solvent-free formula, no VOC, in line with environmental requirements.

Exquisite holiday gift packaging boxes

The full version is printed by UV, the color is bright and vivid, and the touch is soft and smooth. The box material is 1400G cardboard, thick and sturdy, very textured. It is a very tempting box.

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