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Portable Wine Packaging Box

Discover our one-of-a-kind portable wine packaging boxes, featuring a user-friendly design, elegant silhouette, and impeccable workmanship. Elevate your brand’s distinctive charm with our thoughtfully crafted packaging solutions.
At SIRI Packaging, we offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for your product packaging program. When you choose us, you’re making a cost-effective investment in quality and style.

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Metallic color


ribbon, texture paper


Embossed / gold

You can also choose to customize!

Custom your exclusive packaging, you can custom the size, custom color and material, custom shape, or add some accessories, and of course, you can be branded with your logo.

Customization Options

Structure Options

You can choose these reference box shapes to match your product, of course, other box types are available, and also design according to your ideas and suggestion.

Material Option

The choice of materials is very broad and needs to be determined by the product you are packaging, as well as what you want to achieve and your budget.

Finishing Option

These solutions are widely used to produce the surface treatment of the box material and the presentation of the logo, and sometimes a more suitable process is chosen according to the material to achieve the most perfect effect.

Interior Option

The practice of the box interior needs to be based on the products packaged, requiring a more professional design, if you have not yet conceived, just tell us what products you need to be packed, and we will provide you with design solutions.

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