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Your trust is our great honor, please let us provide you with the most sincere service.

Do you need to examine our quality? you need to design packaging, but don't have an idea yet?

Please tell us your industry, we can send you some packaging boxes related to your industry for your reference.

How to get customized exclusive samples?

I have a reference sample and I need you to make it according to my sample.

OK, please courier your samples to us, in most cases, we can make samples 95%-100% similar to yours.

I have the design file, make it according to my file

OK, please send us the file,  we will make the sample and courier it to you.

I provide my product to you, design and make the packaging according to my product.

Please courier us your product, we will communicate with you the details after we receive it, and we will send it back to you together after we make the box samples.

We fully support your business and all samples are made free of charge at no cost. In addition, if there is a mold fee or specific material cost involved, the actual cost will be charged.

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