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What is corrugated box ?

Corrugated paper, a paperboard made by bonding boxboard to a corrugated core paper processed into a wavy shape by corrugated rolls, where the paper passes through the rolls to obtain corrugated material; this is a unique feature of corrugated boxes, and for this reason, provides excellent cushioning and supports the weight of the product in the corrugated box
Corrugated paper has achieved great success as a packaging paper with a single bond to a variety of civil packaging materials, and so far, for this reason, has become one of the main materials for packaging containers, with long-term use and rapid development.
Corrugated cardboard box has the characteristics of large volume, light weight, high strength, good buffer performance, suitable for folding, saving storage space, easy transportation, etc. It is suitable for the transportation and packaging of heavy or large-shaped packages such as food, glassware, industrial products, tools and electricity

Types of corrugated paperboard:

Single-sided corrugated board

Single-sided corrugated board: Which has only one side of the corrugated core paper glued to the face paper, is only suitable for lining, usually indicated by B3 (3 means coarse pit) and B9 (9 means tiny pits, also called E pits)

Double-sided corrugated board

Double-sided corrugated board:With face paper glued to both sides of the corrugated core, suitable for lining and color boxes, indicated by B3B and B9B

Double-sided corrugated board

Double-sided corrugated board: With one single-sided corrugated board and one double-sided corrugated board, which can be used to make color boxes with high load-bearing requirements, indicated by K=K,A=A,B=B

Three core double-sided corrugated board

Three core double-sided corrugated board:Made of one single-sided corrugated board and one double-sided corrugated board, can be used to make heavy-shaped product packaging, but also the first transport box, said: K 三 K, A 三 A, B 三 B.

There is also a difference between corrugated paper cores with wave patterns


 Poor cushioning, strong pressure resistance, small adhesive surface application surface, not easy to bond


 Large radius, elastic, high impact absorption capacity, pressure can be removed after recovery, but the pressure resistance is weak, easy to bond


Between U-shaped and V-shaped, the radius of the arc is greater than V-shaped and less than U-shaped, and thus has the advantages of both, is now a commonly used method

Classification of corrugated top paper

Depending on the weight of the top paper, it is classified into K paper, A paper, B paper and C paper.
K paper: base weight 200G, 240G, 300G
A paper: Base weight 160G
B paper: Basis weight 120G
C paper: base weight 127G
Here is a common W paper, it is the first letter of “white”, so W paper actually refers to the white surface paper, base weight of 125G, when we do product packaging boxes, this paper is the most used, because customers will feel that white than kraft color better.
Corrugated core paper is usually 125G, 150G, 175G.


As a product packaging outer box, the first thing to consider is the weight, the product is relatively light, the budget is not much, you can choose double pit B3B, B3C. high requirements for the product packaging can choose K = K, A = A, W9A, A9A, etc.


The steps in manufacturing a corrugated box are first to determine the material, then to print on a printing press if graphics are needed, then to do post-processing, such as hot stamping, embossing, etc., before gluing and finally die-cutting into the finished product we need.
Corrugated boxes are not only kraft color, they are also very creative and can be printed with bright colors and various graphics.

SIRI Packaging has a wide range of printing technologies to put your graphic designs on custom corrugated boxes. We use CMYK offset printing, hot stamping, UV printing, glitter printing, matte or gloss lamination, varnishing, embossing and embossing, die-cutting, laser cutting, and more. You can choose any of these for your custom printed corrugated cartons.

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